Brush/Squad 16-7-1
16-7-1 Brush / Squad
Truck Year/Make/Model 2012 Ford F450
Seating Capacity Driver, 5 Firefighters
Engine 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel
Pump/Tank CET 250GPM/250 Gallon Tank
Foam 10 Gallons Class A with Scotty foam system
Hose 100' Booster
150' 1.75" preconnected
400' 1" Forestry
In addition to running brush fires, MVAs, service calls, and EMS responses, this unit replaces the 1975 Chevy as a tow vehicle for the 1000 GPM Hale trailer-mounted pump used for water supply within the hamlet.

For fires outside the hamlet, the trailer pump is used to establish a fill site for tanker relays.

Last Updated November 7, 2012
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