Depauville Chief's Helmet
Past Chiefs
We have tried to discover as many of the names as possible, however some of them have eluded us. If you have information on any of the "Unknown" Chiefs, please contact us.

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Years InclusiveChief
1932-1935William Huchzermeier
1935-1936Clifford Easton
1936-1937William H. Gould
1941-1942Fred Gould
1942-1943Marcus Sternberg
1943-1944Fred Sternberg
1944-1945Bradley J. Snyder
1945-1950Clarence Eckert
1953-1954Fred Dillenbeck
1954-1955Everett Gale
1955-1958Fred Gould
1958-1960Gerald Gould
1960-1971Kurel Youngs
1971-1972Fred Jackson
1972-1973Wilbert Gardner
1973-1974Donald Kilborn
1974-1977Donald Busby
1977-1978Jasper Wilkie
1978-1981Robert Schnauber
1981-1983Donald Kilborn
1983-1985Lawrence A. Girard
1985-1987Michael Schnauber
1987-1989Donald Kilborn
1989-1990Hal Matthews
1990-1991Richard Branch
1991-1993Michael Patchen
1993--1994Richard Branch
1994-1997Michael Patchen
1997-2000William Evans
2000-2002Lawrence A. Girard
2002-2003Michael Patchen
2003-2007Lawrence A. Girard
2007-2008Scott Black
2008-2011William Evans
2011-2013Lawrence A. Girard
2013-2015Jason Rarick
2016-PresentArnie Disotell