Depauville Volunteer Fire Department

15191 School Street, P.O. Box 99
Depauville, NY 13632-0099


This is an agreement between the Depauville VFD and the below signed RENTER.

Hall rent for functions is charged at the hourly rate and is based on total occupancy (ie, including set-up and clean-up). Most wedding receptions and similar functions will be best served with the "Event Rental" rate.

The renter is responsible for securing desired catering and bartending services. Caterer/bartenders must provide to the fire department proof of insurance and licenses prior to the event.

Decorations may not be secured to the walls in any fashion. Decorations may be hung from the ceiling grid only by use of hangers made for the purpose, which will be provided. Tape used to secure table coverings must be removed after use. Confetti is not to be used anywhere in the building. Do not stand or sit on tables. A stepladder is available for use at your own risk.

The building must be left in an "as found" condition unless other arrangements are made or instructions are provided. At minumum all standing chairs must be stacked on top of standing tables or folded and placed with other stored chairs and tables. The floor must be swept and damp mopped.

A deposit of $100 is due at the time this agreement is signed. The reservation is not considered secure until the agreement is signed. The deposit will be returned upon determination that the building is clean and that there is no damage resulting from the event.

The balance of all fees and charges is due one week prior to the event. There will be a $30.00 charge on all returned checks.

Date of Event Type of Event
Start Time End Time Attendees
Name of Person Renting Hall Contact Phone
Address City State, Zip
Fee Schedule

Hourly RentalHours X $15.00$

Weekly Rental 5 days, 9 hours per day

Event Rental Includes prior day setup, following day clean-up

Use of Kitchen (Incl Range & Walk-in)

Use of Cooler Only

Use of Dishes & Flatware

Use of Dishwasher Requires Fire Department Representive on site

Use of Convection Ovens
This amount is due one week prior to the event.
Total for Event

Security Deposit $100.00 Paid FD Initials Renter Initials
Fire Dep't Signature

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