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Structure Fire The flames visible on arrival of the first fire units are no longer visible, but the fire damage above the three visible windows and the heavy smoke leave no doubt that this fire is far from contained
Structure Fire Firefighters prepare to hit the visible fire in the area of origin.
Structure Fire The fire in the attic of the main part of the structure has vented itself in this image taken by Chaumont firefighter Heather Jackson.
Structure Fire Heavy smoke masks the fire still raging in this structure, which was built approximately 1870.
Structure Fire It's daylight and Town of Watertown's tower is in position for numerous vents on the steel-clad roof.
Structure Fire Heavy smoke still issues from the main attic. The residents had divided an open hall on the second floor into living space.
Structure Fire First-on-scene Depauville Engine 16-1-1 is surrounded by other apparatus as the effort to quell the blaze continues. The engine supported four lines during the incident, occasionally straining the water supply.
Structure Fire "Spaghetti" is in evidence as firefighters look for hot spots in the first floor ceiling. Despite what appeared to be a solid floor on the second story, the attic was unstable so interior operations were ended early.
Clayton Engine 14-1-1, at draft on the mill pond, supplied a 5" line to Depauville as well as a 3" line to LaFargeville 27-1-1, until the latter was supplied via a 4" line from Depauville's "skid" pump, 16-7-1.
Structure Fire An excavator from the Town of Clayton Highway Department demolishes part of the structure as the Town of Watertown tower hits hot spot on the rear of the fire building.
Structure Fire Another view of the demolition.
Structure Fire A portion of the roof collapsed when the fire-weakened rafters were destroyed by a master stream on the TofW Tower.
Structure Fire Firefighters stand by, well clear of the building, as demolition continues.

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