Thanks to our friends at the Redwood Fire Department, who have a picture of one of their old trucks that appears to have been taken at the same time, we can now surmise that this photo was taken June 9, 1932 at a Firemen's Convention in Alexandria Bay. At the time the Fire Department was just over a month old!
This undated photo was taken in Alexandria Bay, NY, in the area now occupied by River Hospital. Further research has revealed that it was taken at the 1932 NYS Firemen's Convention. Both the truck and the fire department were brand new. The gentlemen posing on the truck are, from left to right: Myron Dwyer, Henry Gould, Lynn Stratton, Carl Huchzermeier, Carl Fry (at the wheel) and Gerald Gould.
Interesting Fact: Close observation of the truck today will reveal braising on the water jacket of the 6 cylinder Continental engine. These welds are the result of the coolant freezing around the block while the truck was enroute to a mutual aid call to Chaumont. One can only imagine the condition of the driver.
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