1932 Sanford
Year/Make/Model 1932 Sanford 3N "Cub" Pumper
Serial Number 3N21
Engine Continental in-line 6 cylinder
Pump Hale 350 GPM Rotary Gear
Booster Tank 300 Gallons
Seating Capacity Driver, 1 Firefighter
Original Ladders</TD> 1 - 24' Extension
1 - 12' Roof
Original Hose 2000' 2 1/2"
200' 3/4" Booster Line
Current Hose Load Parade Lay
Other Equipment 2 - Dietz Lanterns
2 - Soda Acid Extinguishers
Axe & Pike Pole
Shutoff Nozzle with extra tips (under seat)
Buckets (see note below)
It's interesting to note that this truck was delivered with fire buckets. It's even more interesting to note that the top of the booster tank is concave, to allow the filling of the booster tank with those buckets!

We've discovered something unique about this truck. Per Joe Raymond, who is quite knowledgeable about Sanfords, "This is a one-off Sanford built in 1932 on a used 1925 Sanford Model W6-12 commercial truck chassis. Note the style of the hood, fenders and radiator.

If you have an interest in Sanford Fire Trucks, you might want to visit the Sanford Owners/Enthusiasts Facebook page.
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