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Structure Fire, 32521 County Route 179
Date1/3/11 Wakened by a loud "bang", the residents of this 1870 building found a front room well involved in fire. In it's early days, the building served as a store, and for a while the upstairs served as a meeting hall for the Oddfellows. The old construction, as well as recent renovations, resulted in many void spaces and early transmission to the attic spaces.
Assistance was provided by Clayton and LaFargeville on the initial dispatch, as well as Chaumont and Three Mile Bay on a second alarm, and by Town of Watertown with their tower, as Clayton's ladder was out of service. Pictures of the incident can be found here.
Dispatch Time0555
Back in Service1443
Apparatus16-1-1, 16-5-1, 16-6-1, 16-7-1
Structure Fire, County Route 179
Date10/25/08 The residents of this 150+ year old house had been searching for the source of a smell of smoke for an hour before discovering flames on a wall, at which time they called the fire department. Units arriving on scene found heavy fire in the attached garage at the rear of the house, with extension into the house itself. While a quick knockdown was achieved, overhaul took quite some time. Clayton, LaFargeville, Chaumont, Three Mile Bay, and the Brownville RIT assisted.
Dispatch Time1928
Back in Service2214
ApparatusE1, R1, Ta1, Ta2, U1
Structure Fire, Depauville Library
Date09/21/07 A contractor working in the Depauville Library returned to the building and found smoke. First units on the scene found fire in the library and were able to get a quick hit, knocking the fire down. The cause was found to be a light fixture box in the ceiling. Clayton, LaFargeville, Chaumont, Three Mile Bay, Brownville, Dexter, and Glen Park all provided assistance for this daytime incident.
Dispatch Time0959
Back in Service1318
ApparatusE1, R1, Ta1, U1
Structure Fire, Wood Road
Date06/08/07 Although located in the Depauville Response area, the call was dispatched as a Clayton incident and they ran the call. Several outbuildings were lost, along with their contents - a major portion of the owner's painting business.
Dispatch Time2017
Back in Service0024
ApparatusE1, R1, Ta1, Ta2
Structure Fire, County Route 11
Date03/15/07 Arriving firefighters found a two and one half story residence heavily involved. Despite assistance from Clayton and LaFargeville, the building was a total loss.
Dispatch Time1904
Back in Service2355
ApparatusE1, R1, Ta1, U1
Pumping Details, Numerous Locations
Date09/09/04 The remnants of Hurricane Frances dropped just over 4 inches of rain on the area in 24 hours. While not as hard hit as Alexandria Bay, which required mutual aid to deal with flooding, Depauville firefighters nonetheless logged 15 responses to flooding problems during the event, including one mutual aid to LaFargeville.
Dispatch Time0945
Back in Service2051
Member Vehicles
Structure Fire, Rt 180, LaFargeville
Date03/27/04 An early morning fire quickly went to three alarms. There was initial concern that there might be occupants in the house, however that proved not to be the case. The fire was well advanced by the time of dispatch, going through the roof shortly after arrival of the first units. Investigators spent considerable time searching for a cause. Our rescue truck provided part of the scene lighting until daybreak.
Dispatch Time0136
Back in Service0726
Hay Fire, County Route 15, LaFargeville
Date03/25/04 An estimated 800 large bales were discovered afire in the early morning hours. Numerous tankers were called to provide the water that would be necessary to douse the fire. Lack of an available trackhoe limited overhaul in the morning, so units returned after noon to finish the job. It has been estimated that nearly a million gallons of water were moved, all by tankers, between the two operations. Our tanker carried 15 loads.
Dispatch Time0040/1205
Back in Service0538/1803
MVA, NYS12&180, Gunns Corners
Date03/24/04 This busy intersection, site of many two-car collisions, was the scene of a car vs house accident. The driver may have been stricken ill prior to going off the road, where he struck several small trees and a cement batch mixer before hitting the house. Unfortunately he later died.
Dispatch Time1232
Back in Service1355
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